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500GB 4G LTE

Wireless 4G LTE Mobile Internet + loT Bundle

EvdodepotUSA is a mobile broadband provider that connects rural customers to the internet with fast, secured, and reliable 4G LTE.. We aren't just an internet provider, though. We also help people monitor the climate, safety, and compliance of their refrigeration and facilities with powerful internet-connected solutions that let users manage dozens of sensors in a single mobile app.

The Wireless 4G LTE + Internet of Things (IoT) bundle is the best we have to offer both data plans and internet-connected management solutions. It combines our powerful, 4G LTE plan with a custom management solution that will keep your home or business safe. It’s our most comprehensive solution and our best value.

High Speed 4G LTE Connection to Work and Learn Safely

With a 4G LTE connection, you can work from home, use a company VPN, surf the web, take classes remotely, and even video conference, all without any cable connection. This allows Americans in rural areas the freedom to work from home, even in places that do not have traditional internet service. Our plans come installed on a 4G LTE modem and wireless router, which means you can connect in your home, RV, or office. This allows you to use consistent, reliable Wi-Fi at any time, in any place.

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Our plans offer up to 500GB of data per month. Since our average customer uses about 240GB of data per month, the 500GB plan offers the extra data our customers need when they have multiple users working and schooling from home. For particularly large households with many heavy users we offer a second account discount so you can have double the speed and double the monthly data for a reasonable price!

Wireless Internet Connected Devices (loT) for Monitoring

The IoT is a network of devices – a Smart Business Monitoring, for example, with wireless printers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, security cameras, sensors, and computer accessories – on the same internet network. The IoT is revolutionizing the way people manage their homes and do business, since internet-connected devices automate many routine processes.

Whether you are looking to monitor an aquatic oyster farm, a fleet of delivery trucks, a foreclosed property, or a remote outpost, our connected devices solution uses the Zigbee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Mesh, Z-wave or LoRaWAN wireless technology for an easy deployment that covers large areas using less gateways and sensors.

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