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EvdodepotUSA continues to remain true to our commitment to provide 4G LTE wireless broadband service to homes and businesses located in rural communities across the continental USA. This focus for the delivery of IP based broadband services and products to the under-served and unserved communities across the rural corners of the United States remains our goal. The typical application for rural customer includes video streaming, video gaming, work at home, home schooling, VoIP over enhanced 4G LTE , Wi-Fi for vehicles, connectivity for remote video surveillance and much more.

However, our business continues to evolve in term of providing customized solutions using smart wireless technologies to our business customers in the LoRaWAN space for remote temperature monitoring, facility/assets management monitoring for food services and commercial locations respectively.

EvdodepotUSA Mobile App, Sensors and Wired or Wireless Gateways

Our smart wireless platforms are dedicated to people who have a strong desire to support their connected devices with a state-of-the-art mobile app, sensors and gateways to control and manipulate objects and device that provide entertainment, comfort, security and interaction possibilities for enhanced smart homes experience, remote temperature monitoring for the food industry and remote monitoring for the management of facility and assets.

The solution allows for the addition of intelligence to connected objects already installed in your homes, offices and facilities.

Remote Temperature and Assets Management Monitoring

In the temperature monitoring sector, we provide sensors, gateways and an IOS or Android mobile App to remotely monitor refrigeration temperatures for restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, cold storage, ice makers, cafeterias, medical facilities, mess halls and facility assets management. While in the facility and asset monitoring sector, our App controls sensors and gateways that are connected to smart smoke detectors, smart flood alerts, smart pet feeder, smart closed/opened door alerts, carbon dioxide alerts and humidity alert sensors, just to name a few.

The EvdodepotUSA Mobile App for IOS or Android can communicate via wi-fi and does unifies and monitors all devices and objects on the network. The App will automatically discover devices and has smart pairing capabilities. The App is also compatible with major voice applications.

Why Do Business with EvdodepotUSA.Com?

Our focus as a broadband wireless company is to provides wireless 4G LTE services to rural communities foremost, and to provide smart monitoring solutions to homes and businesses. We strive every day to provide the following:

1) An affordable Solution
2) Customer Care and Technical Support from 9 am – 9 pm
3) A Solution that works
4) 10-14 Day Trial Period for 4G LTE Wireless Broadband
5) 30 Day Trial for Remote Monitoring Service

We work hard to provides customers a choice of multiple solution they can choose from. Our product work right out of the box so that you don’t have to do any configuration or programming to make it work.

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