Dual SIM 500GB 4G LTE Failover Bundle™
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Features Two Carriers on One Wireless Enterprise Grade Router

The wireless 4G LTE 500GB Failover Bundle is the perfect solution for mobile, work at home professionals and small businesses requiring a 99 % critical internet uptime to run their various applications. Smart Home Automation The bundle includes Two 500GB 4G LTE Subscription package from two separate wireless carriers. The bundle is also powered up with a dual sim enterprise wireless router from Pepwave Max BR1 Mini Industrial Grade 4G LTE Wireless Router features a GPS for location-based applications and a band-locking feature which enables to the scanning of all cellular bands for the best speeds and locking onto a particular band for faster pings and speeds.

Benefits of a Dual SIM Bundle

  1. Reduction in the price of the monthly subscription by purchasing as a bundle thereby providing you 500GB bandwidth on both the primary and the Failover. It just makes sense.
  2. Provision of business continuity by enabling your business to continue to operate in the event of a natural disaster or accidental network interruption. The secondary carrier automatically kicks in to save the day!
  3. Advance GPS fleet tracking and remote management
  4. Complete enhancement of the user experience with a high-performance network connection.
  5. Band-scanning and locking to enjoy faster speeds and ping time.