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For Today’s Businesses, Going Offline isn’t an Option

For many businesses, losing access to the internet – even temporarily – is a worst-case scenario. Without internet access, many businesses struggle to maintain productivity, make sales, and prevent theft. Every hour a small- to medium-sized business is offline, it loses between $8,580 and $74,000 in revenue due to these factors.

Whether you use cable, DSL, satellite, or mobile internet, your primary internet connection is always susceptible to extreme weather, natural disasters, and upstream interference that kick your business offline. It’s impossible to prevent or predict internet outages, but you can give yourself peace of mind by adding in a failover internet connection to your current system.

A 4G LTE failover keeps your business connected

A failover connection automatically kicks in when your primary internet source goes down, keeping your business online. A 4G LTE business internet failover keeps your business connected. As soon as your router stops detecting a cable connection, it immediately connects to 4G LTE. The transition between the two internet connections is seamless, so your business never loses access to critical applications – even temporarily.

4G LTE is the best option for failover internet for several reasons:

4G LTE failover systems are plug and play, with no complicated setup required.

4G LTE is one of the most widely available internet options and, since we partner with multiple cellular carriers, we have coverage almost anywhere in the United States.

4G LTE is wireless, which means it isn’t as susceptible as a wired connection to outages due to accidents or sabotage.

Nothing is more unprofessional than letting your customers or clients down by not being able to provide them with the products or services they expect. Keep your business up and running, even when your primary internet connection goes down, by installing a 4G LTE failover connection.

Popular Uses For Failover Solution

Small Business: Gas stations, convenience stores, and retail.

Enterprise Business: Businesses that use VoIP, CRM software, email, office 365, and cloud-based applications.

Healthcare: Pharmacies, hospitals, elder care and urgent care facilities.

Work-From-Home: VPN users, video conferencing, VOIP phone.

Home Security: Video cameras, motion detectors, smoke/fire alarms.

Wireless 4G LTE Business Continuity Plans

All Online Businesses Require Wireless 4G LTE Redundancy

If your business depends on online applications, you need a failover option. Many small rural businesses–including retail operations like gas stations and convenience stores, as well as professional services like mechanic’s shops and doctor’s offices–depend on online applications to do business. With a failover option in place, your business will never have to worry about losing sales, inventory, or the trust of customers to an internet outage.

Here at EvdoDepotUSA, we’re ready to provide you with the tools you need to add a wireless failover option to your current network infrastructure. Our representatives will help you select the best wireless internet carrier for your location and find a router that supports auto failover from your primary internet provider to your new wireless internet carrier.