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Tower Location

In order to use a 4G LTE wireless connection, you must first determine if you are within range of a cellular tower to connect your wireless router or modem. The process can be very time consuming and, at times, frustrating to identify and locate the best signal for your device to get high-speed internet connectivity. In some cases, if the cellular signal from the tower is of poor quality for the wireless router to receive and transmit, you might have to solicit the use of a MIMO booster antenna to connect with a distant tower to provide the high gain required for faster speeds and lower latency.

Resources: Applications and Websites

There are numerous resources available on line that can help you identify the right tower(s). Those resources include Apps and websites that will help you to identify and find the the best cellular tower within range of your geographic location. It’s also a great idea to record and compile data from your surrounding tower(s) to be used in plotting their locations on Google Earth.
The following websites and applications represent tools that can be used to find the cellular towers within range:

Always remember that a tower is not owned by a cellular carrier. They towers are owned by an independent company that allow carriers a leasing agreement on theirs. For instance, you might have 2-3 carriers on a single tower. The site is very useful for downloading the antenna and tower data information in a spreadsheet format for manipulation.

This is a very useful App that helps in the discovery of a carrier’s coverage to include user information, frequencies, bands, cell ID, carrier tower location, and is useful app for locating 2G/3G/4G/4G+ base stations. The application measures the signal strength and other network data. The application is currently supported on Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices.

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