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Remote Monitoring Solutions for Foreclosed Properties

When a lending institution takes control of a foreclosed property, it’s taking on an asset that comes with a fair amount of risk. Since the value of real estate depends on the condition of the property, neglect and vandalism can easily take their toll Remote Monitoring Solutions for Foreclosed Propertieson property value. Unless your institution visits the property regularly, it can fall into disrepair.

Luckily, our remote monitoring solutions for foreclosed properties help you prevent damage to your foreclosed properties without leaving the office to check on the properties. With our solution, it’s easy to stay on top of regular property maintenance and monitor empty properties for squatters and vandals.

With our custom monitoring kits, you can respond immediately to issues that compromise the value of your foreclosed properties. Our solution makes it easy to:

Detect fires with wireless smoke sensors.
Prevent water damage with wireless water sensors.
Keep pipes from freezing with wireless temperature sensors.
Check if home appliances, like boilers, are switched on with wireless vibration sensors.
Be alerted if someone enters the property with motion sensors.
Prevent trespassing by securing doors and windows with open/closed sensors.

A mobile gateway connects all your sensors, so that you can monitor your construction site remotely from a single mobile app. When the app detects something out of the ordinary, like a trailer door opening after hours, it will let you know immediately with a text or email alert.

Our wireless sensors are durable with ultra-long battery lives. Each sensor comes with a variety of mounting options for permanent installation, which makes them highly portable. In fact, once the property sells, you can repurpose all the sensors in another property.

Our remote monitoring kits are also completely compatible with our portable 4G LTE installed broadband solutions. These solutions extend a wireless internet connection to remote properties without a preexisting cable internet hookup. These broadband solutions are also portable and can be repurposed for different properties.

Preserve Property Value with Remote Monitoring

An abandoned property attracts both squatters looking for a place to stay and people looking to scavenge appliances, metal fixtures, and other valuable building materials. If you let foreclosed properties fall into disrepair, they’ll begin to attract trespassers who bring down the value of your properties with wear and tear.

Unfortunately, it probably isn’t possible for someone from your institution to visit your foreclosed properties every day or even every week. To keep your foreclosed properties in good condition, then, monitor them with a remote solution that only sends an alert to your institution when the property needs attention.

Our Kits are Affordable and Easy to Install

If you’ve had to take on a foreclosed property, then you probably want to keep it in the best condition possible without having to invest extra time and money into it.

Smart technology makes it more affordable than ever to monitor your foreclosed properties remotely. These days, all you need is a smart gateway, one or more wireless sensors, and a smartphone to monitor your foreclosed properties remotely. The cost of the hardware is low, the software is free, and installation is easy.

Our kits are also completely scalable, depending on your needs. A single gateway can support many sensors, so it’s possible to build an expansive network of different types of sensors that work together. Whether you’re monitoring one foreclosure property or a hundred, we have a kit to fit your needs.

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If something goes wrong at a foreclosed property, would you like to be able to fix the issue immediately? Do you want peace of mind, knowing you’ll receive an alert if a fire breaks out, the property floods, or someone moves in without your permission?

EvdodepotUSA is here to help you find a remote monitoring solution that works for your lending institution. To get started, Request A Free Trial Quote or call 866-439-6630.