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Smart Gateway and Sensors for Remote Refrigeration Monitoring

To meet strict safety regulations, refrigerated food companies, grocery stores, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmacies need to carefully monitor the temperature of every link in their cold chains. When the temperature gets too high, even one link, these businesses can respond to the change reactively by throwing away inventory or proactively by responding to the rising temperature before it becomes a problem.

With remote refrigeration monitoring, your business will receive automatic alerts when the temperature of a unit rises above a certain level. This gives you time to respond to the change before it results in spoilage. Our remote refrigeration monitoring helps ensure food safety compliance and minimizes food waste due to spoilage in the food industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, it ensures drug safety compliance and protects inventory.

How Remote Monitoring Works

With our remote monitoring solutions for grocery and pharmaceutical cold chains, you can automate the inspection and repair of your refrigeration units on both a large and a small scale. Here’s what you can do with our range of wireless, internet-connected sensors:

• Monitor the temperature of refrigerators and freezers with temperature sensors.
• Track the movement and vibration of units, as well as air flow and water flow with flex sensors.
• Tell if the door to a unit is open or closed with open/closed sensors.

Once you’ve installed the kit, you can manage the data you collect from your refrigeration units with a single mobile app for Android or iOS, which comes free of charge with any sensor. You and your authorized users can use the app to access a detailed map of your wireless sensors, view real-time reports, and receive alerts via notifications, text messages, and/or email.

Mobile IOS Web App on Smartphone,
Gateway and Temperature Sensor

Hardware and Software

Wireless Sensors

All our sensors use the Zigbee, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, M LTE and LoRaWAN networking protocol. LoRaWAN provides a long-range, energy-efficient networking for the Internet of Things. Our sensors have a range of up to one mile (they can be located one mile from the cellular gateway) and a battery life of three years.
Mobile Gateway
A single gateway can support dozens of sensors, including different types of sensors in the same system. Our gateways are plug-and-play, which means they’re easy to install, reconfigure, and move. As your business grows and changes, it’s easy to scale your remote monitoring system to fit your needs.
Web and Mobile Apps
Keep an eye on the temperature of your cold chain around the clock with our mobile app for Android and iOS. If something goes wrong, your app will alert you with a notification, text message, and/or email. It’s also easy to change when and how you get alerts in the settings of this flexible app.
Vast Range of Protection and Alert
The Refrigeration temperature monitoring solution can be expanded beyond refrigeration to smart homes. Offices and facilities by adding motion sensors, leaks/flood alerts, opened/closed doors, smoke alert, CO2 alert and numerous other use case


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