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Please enter your customers order here. Once order is submitted, the customer gets an email confirmation and you get an email confirmation.

Please consult your training manual to confirm the right plan and device for your customer. If you have any questions, please contact Reseller Support at 866-439-6630.

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Unlimited 4G Lte (Network 1): $129 Monthly75 Gig 4G Lte Plan (Network 1): $109 Monthly100 Gig Monthly (Network 1): $119 Monthly300 Gig Remote Work Plan (Network 3): $199 Monthly

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Franklin C801 w/Tenda Wireless Router (Network 1):$139NetGear 1120 w/Tenda Wireless Router (Network 2): $139Mofi4500 4G Lte Wireless Router(All Networks): $289D-Link AC1200 4G Lte Wireless Router (Network 1): $199CLB100 4G Lte Dual Core Wireless Router(Network 2): $279 Evdo1435 4G Lte Wireless Router (Network 2): $179

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Super Yagi Antenna: $179

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Static IP Address: $8 Monthly

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Wireless Router: $20.00Super Yagi Booster Antenna: $20.00Express USPS: $55.00

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