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Smart Business Monitoring Devices Can Send SMS and Email Alerts

Smart Home Automation Our Smart Business Monitoring devices can be enabled to send SMS, Email, Robocall and Push Notifications using our APP. The client can access their dashboard using any web browser on a PC, Mac or any wireless device. Once, in the dashboard, the client can add email addresses and smartphone number for managers and employees who are designated to receive alerts.

For example, if it's a flood sensor or smoke sensor, all members of the family can get a call text and push notification within seconds of the event.

However, if it’s a low battery, we can send an email to the main contact. We can also program downlink triggers to other devices so if the smoke detector goes off or the motion sensor is triggered when armed, the siren and led flasher can sound out. Another example is a simple button that can be used as a doorbell in which case the chime sound is triggered instead of fire alarm from the same device.

We provide a full range of home automation smart devices that can be easily designed and installed to protect your office, assets, home, family anytime and everywhere.


- Zero Wiring Required
- Low Cost Sensors
- Peel & Stick Installation
- Sensors are Battery Powered for years
- Instant Alert Notification
- Get Qualified for Insurance Discounts
- Protect your family and Assets

Real-Time Monitoring starting at $14.95 / Month

Real-Time Monitoring
starting at $14.95 / Month

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